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Boss'd Up Cast Photo - Season One


Welcome to The Remidi Television Network, the leading POC / LGBTQIA streaming service designed to celebrate queer culture and the creative contributors that make it happen. 

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The Remidi Television Network is the leading channel designed to showcase and celebrate LGBTQIA & POC culture. With the lack of representation in main stream media, Remidi TV offers a wide range selection of original series & bonus content featuring your favorite reality stars, icons, legends & stars! 

Remidi TV vows to inspire,  uplift and most importantly connect with every subscriber that engages with our one-of-a-kind experience, providing every potential viewer with a customized experience catered to their viewing pleasures. 

With every subscription, not only are you supporting Remidi TV, you are supporting the dreams and aspirations of fellow artists and creatives so that they may be able to continue to keep you entertained and also elevate their brand to advance their crafts and careers. 

Remidi TV is here to STAY! Here to shift CHANGE! Here to INSPIRE!

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